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Leaders in aggregated industry-wide

Power Purchase Agreements

Our Mission

We connect businesses directly to large scale renewable energy.
1- We structure deals for large corporates.
2- We aggregate the loads of smaller businesses by industry-sector giving them access to the best priced PPA market.

PPA - Power Purchase Agreements
A Standart Retail Contract Flows
A PPA flow

How does a PPA work?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an arrangement between an energy consumer and an energy retailer to purchase electricity from a renewable generator at a pre-agreed price for a pre-agreed period of time

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Client Experiences

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Namoi Dougall

Special Counsel Local Government

Namoi Dougal works with BGE as our Special Counsel – Local Government Energy, bringing a wealth of experience in local government and specifically the roll-out of PPAs to Councils.

Whilst CEO of SSROC, she successfully led the very first roll-out of an aggregated Council PPA which was completed in 2019.

This gave Namoi unique stewardship of both the structure and delivery of a complex PPA for local government.

A trained lawyer, she was responsible for the corporate governance, risk and probity of the SSROC deal and her work across State and Local Government for many years gives her a deep awareness and application of the responsible management of risk and probity issues throughout the process.

Namoi started her career in the legal profession having worked for tier one and two firms primarily in commercial litigation. She also been member of Migration and Refugee Review Tribunals and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal where she specialised in business and skilled visas.

Namoi has broad experience across all 3 tiers of government having been a senior policy advisor to a Federal Minister and a Chief of Staff to a Minister for Local Government, as well as being the CEO of SSROC.
Namoi in these roles, through strong creative and strategic advocacy achieved results as a thought leader in areas as diverse as, health policy, procurement, smart cities infrastructure and technology, infrastructure funding, sustainability, environment and waste policy, and strategic planning.

As CEO, she strategically restructured, professionalised and commercialised a large regional organisation of councils (SSROC) strengthening its strategic procurement and purposeful advocacy. Namoi is also an experienced board member and community leader, with more than 30 years of public and community service.

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